AREL was founded in 1987 as a family owned company by Aydın Arcağ. Mr. Arcağ has been working in this manufacturing sector since 1961. In his long work experience, he designed and firstly manufactured the diesel welding machines, standard and 400 Hz. generators, converter type concrete vibrators and high frequency electric motors in Turkey as local products. AREL continues to manufacture superior qualified products successfully in wood working, civil aviation & defense, and construction industries.
At the beginnings of the 1990’s, AREL has started its high frequency motor manufacture adventure with the production of 12.000 Rpm special electric motors especially for the wood copying machines and the Lukens (wood carving) machines. At the early 2000’s, AREL has gained so much experience with the wide product range of the spindle motors and has contributed at the increase of the number of the machine manufacture companies which uses high frequency electric motors. Competitor and copy manufacturers & motors came into existence while our market share was increasing in a fast way.
Afterwards, the competition at the market has increased the manufacture quality by pushing us to become more mechanized with more automation by the help of the continuously supplied CNC machines .As a result; by the increasing automation & the product quality our company has targeted more specialized products and has substantiated more than 50 different kinds of spindle motors on behalf of the wooden machinery manufacturers.
AREL, continues to manufacture high qualified automatic tool changer spindle motors which has a real power to compete with the global brands and exports abroad with the other spindle motor kinds. Before our manufacture process in this sector, there were few companies with the ability of manufacturing machines. But now, there are so many companies who have the ability to manufacture and also export to abroad in the furniture industry by the help of our local products.

We are so proud of being the leader in this manufacture process on behalf our country.

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